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Jorge Martínez - Demenz (1992) Is a Venezuelan Electronic musician DJ /Producer with more than 10 years in the

Electronic Music Industry.

Born in Valencia, Venezuela, with current residence in the city of Miami, Demenz, well known before as "Demenzor",

has an unparalleled list of performances in the best Institutions and festivals of international renown such as: Winter

Music Conference (Miami), Heart NightClub (Miami), Trade (Miami), Treehouse Miami (Miami), Electric Pickle

(Miami). Do not Sit on the furniture (Miami), Floyd's (Miami), Un_Mute Events (Miami), Tacology (Miami), SLS (Miami),

Avalon Hollywood (Los Angeles), Pattern Bar ( Los Angeles), Los Globos (Los Angeles), Teatro Amador (Panama),

Casa Jaguar (Panama), La Buat (Panama), Gatto Blanco (Panama), Electric Festival (Aruba), Habitas Tulum

(Mexico), Partai Festival (Venezuela), Nens Club(Venezuela), Technoholics (Venezuela), El Bano Bar (Venezuela)

Kiwi Lounge (Venezuela), to name some of them.

As a producer, he has releases in different labels of countries such as Spain, Colombia, the United States, Romania,

Ukraine, Venezuela, just to name a few managing to be in the top 100 download several times in Beatport, the

digital portal with the biggest sales of electronic music.

From a very young age he approached music, playing instruments such as Venezuelan cuatro and electric bass;

Under the influence of his friendships in adolescence he met electronic music, a love at first sight, which has led him

to evolve as an artist; learning from her to take her as a lifestyle.

Demenz electronic music career began in 2010 playing as a DJ at parties and electronic events where he quickly

gained the respect of the Venezuelan scene, getting offers to play all over the country, playing in the best clubs,

festivals and parties of Venezuela.

In 2012 influenced by the love of Techno sounds and Acid Techno, genres that he handled in his beginnings, Jorge

who was named at that time as "Demenzor" founded the collective TECHNOFLIGHTS, a cycle of conceptual parties

that featured the best artists of the world at that time.

In the summer of 2013 he travels to Oxford - England playing as a special guest at the Bridge NightClub, where after

his first performance he obtained residence for a whole month before returning home. His contact with the

electronic culture of London, a city he visited every week, made him want to improve his work, so he started a short

music production course having his first experience creating music something that took his creativity to another

level, trying new sounds and changing from Acid Techno to Minimal and House, concentrating on a more mature

and elegant sound while maintaining his techno roots.

Demenz before coming to Miami his current residence, he went to Los Angeles where he studied Music Production

and Sound Design at the well known Point Blank Music School. Voted world best 'music production & Dj School' by


The list of countries where he has perform goes from England to Panama, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, the United

States and Aruba, where he worked along world-renowned artists, at the Electric Festival 2014.

Nowdays, Demenz find himself working on his new concept "Be happy aqui" a new worldwide event with the

intention of motivate people to fight for their dreams and do what they love in their life and be happy,

accompanied by International artists on every edition.

In collaboration with his colleague Moig found "Street Gemz" a new Edit-Remix project, inspired on the musical

gemz that have put the streets and clubs dancing for decades. Every edit is available online and has been already

played on the best festivals around the world such as: Sunwaves Festival (Romania), Ultra Music Fest (USA),

Awakenings (Holland), Monegros Dessert (Spain), Sonar (Spain) to name a few.

Has shared in the booth with:

Marco Carola

The MARTINEZ Brothers

Joseph Capriati

Stacey Pullen

Davide Squillace

Joey Daniel


Jean Pierre

Serge Devant


Hugo Bianco

Andre buljat


Nathan Barato

Jesse calosso

Rafa Barrios

Chus & Ceballos

Rafa Barrios

Gel Abril

David Gtronic


Argenis Brito

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