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Isabella Seroussi

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For as otherworldly as ALKMST’s sonic architecture may be, she relies on a

tried-and-true approach that’s as tactile as it gets. Building soundscapes by

hand, she harks back to old-school house and techno with a fresh perspective

and an inclination towards innovation. In essence, she reups, reignites, and

recharges the pulse of the dancefloor by reembracing its roots. You’ll plunge into

moments of jazz-y exploration, only to come back to life under the spell of

cosmic grooves spun from the warm transmissions of dusty vinyl. Channeling

inspiration from a life in love with music as a percussionist since the age of 7. “I

hope to inspire people to create, because creation is eternal. It’s my greatest

source of joy as an artist”.

Boasting some of the best lineups from Miami to New York City, she’s played for

Where Are My Keys, Blkmarket Music, Un_Mute, TBA, & ATV records. As one of

the most exciting up and coming talents set to revive the minimal sound in the

USA, she’s been associated with some of best acts such as Cinthie, Ricardo

Villalobos, Margaret Dygas, Chez Damier, CHKTLE, Alexandra, Taimur, Maksim,

Mahony and Natalia Roth to name a few. In the end, ALKMST fuses all of the

elements of her multi-cultural upbringing into one uplifting and undeniable

  • message beamed out straight from her heart to the dancefloor.

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